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Posted by Muhammad Imran on April 23, 2024

1 Kanal House Construction Cost in Gulberg Islamabad

Constructing a 1 kanal (50×90) double-story house in Gulberg, Islamabad involves various expenses. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you understand the costs and plan your budget effectively. A 1 kanal double-story house typically has a total covered area ranging from 5,000 to 5,500 square feet.

Grey Structure Costs

Foundation & Structure:

  • Bricks, Cement, Sand, and Crush: These fundamental materials form the house’s backbone. Bricks alone can cost around PKR 95.99 lacs, with cement and sand adding another significant cost.
  • Roof Insulation, Termite, and Waterproofing: Protecting the house from pests and water damage is crucial, costing around PKR 1.9 lacs.
  • Steel Reinforcement: Used in the foundation and roof, this can add up to PKR 28.91 lacs.
  • Labor for Grey Structure: Skilled labor for the grey structure construction costs around PKR 25.52 lacs.

Finishing Costs

Wood, Metal, and Tile Works:

  • Paint and Ceiling Work: Adding color and character to the house costs around PKR 17.72 lacs.
  • Tiles and Marble: Used for flooring and kitchen countertops, these can cost about PKR 41.48 lacs.
  • Woodwork: Includes doors, windows, and cabinetry, costing around PKR 6.58 lacs.

Plumbing Works:

  • Water Supply and Drainage: Essential for kitchens and bathrooms, costing around PKR 14.63 lacs.

Electrical Works:

  • Wiring, Switches, and Lights: Ensuring the house is well-lit and properly wired, costing around PKR 20.99 lacs.

Additional Costs

Miscellaneous Costs:

  • Fittings and Fixtures: Includes kitchen and bathroom fittings, geysers, and other essential installations, totaling approximately PKR 8.06 lacs.

Total Construction Cost per Square Feet

To calculate the total construction cost per square foot for a 1 kanal house in Gulberg, Islamabad, you need to sum up all the expenses and then divide by the total square footage of the house.

Total Cost Calculation:

  • Total Cost: PKR 2.75 crores (27,500,000 PKR)
  • Total Area: 5,000 to 5,500 square feet

Cost per Square Foot:

  • Cost per Square Foot: Total Cost / Total Area
  • Cost per Square Foot: 27,500,000 PKR / 5,250 sq. ft. (average)
  • Cost per Square Foot: Approximately PKR 5,238 per square foot

Key Considerations for Construction Costs in Gulberg Islamabad

  • Location Variance: Costs can vary based on location and material availability.
  • Market Fluctuations: Prices of materials can fluctuate, affecting the overall budget.
  • Customizations: Personal preferences and customizations can also impact the total cost.

Plot Information in Gulberg Islamabad

Ready-to-construct 1 kanal plots are available in Blocks A, B, C, E, J, N, P, Q, S, T, and A Compound. The plot cost ranges between PKR 175 lacs to PKR 325 lacs, depending on the budget, location, and land specifics. These blocks are conveniently located near D Markaz, offering easy access from the Main Expressway.

Extra Features of Gulberg Islamabad

  • Proximity to D Markaz: A central commercial hub with various amenities.
  • Easy Access: Located near the Main Expressway, ensuring smooth connectivity.
  • Developed Infrastructure: Well-planned roads, electricity, and water supply.

Final Thoughts

Constructing a 1 kanal house in Gulberg, Islamabad is a significant investment. Understanding the detailed breakdown of costs helps in better planning and budgeting. Always consult with professionals and use reliable construction calculators to get accurate and updated estimates.

This comprehensive guide should help you navigate the financial aspects of building your dream home, ensuring a smoother construction process.

For more details, contact Al Madina Estate and Builders. Your dream home, our commitment!

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