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Is your house making you sick?

Posted by Muhammad Imran on February 7, 2017

Funny question to ask, but doesn’t make it any less important. Now before you decide your house couldn’t possibly have anything that’s impacting that cough that won’t go away, or that fever that keeps coming back, check out our list of ways your house could be making you sick.

Even if you are an absolute neat freak, there are so many things you can overlook in your house. Take a second to think about it. When was the last time you had your curtains washed (most of us leave them up there for months at a time!). You’ve done your hunt against the roaches, but have you protected yourself against the repellents? Your paint had lead and now it’s chipping off – do you know when to start worrying?

Hold the mould

If sunlight cannot reach major parts of your house, the environment becomes fertile for fungus. In some cases, you could be completely oblivious to its presence behind racks, on the floor, on walls hidden behind furniture pieces (or even inside the furniture).

Lack of proper ventilation and sunlight are the culprits. Watch closely for mould production and attend to it as soon as you find it. Mould spores can find their way into your system through the nose and cause a whole host of infections. So be sure that the air inside your house is free from fungus.

Reading between the fabric

Fabric allergies do exist and are not restricted to skin alone. Fabric that sheds microscopic fur can create breathing problem for some people. Always be careful while buying cloth for upholstery. The same applies to the carpets, rugs and floor mats.

Your blanket, mattress and furniture items can become breeding grounds for germs. Make it a habit to place padded furniture, mattresses and blankets out in the sunlight periodically. Most importantly, arrange for proper ventilation inside your house.

Chemicals galore

The stuff you used to clean your house can also be hazardous to your health. So if you don’t feel well after a certain disinfectant has been used to wipe the floor or clean your bathroom, be sure to change it. Similarly, read labels for the products you use, including the toothpaste, shower gel, soap, shampoo, and even hand lotion. Try and go for organic products since the likelihood of them having too many chemicals and hurting your health is fairly low.

We all constantly try to protect ourselves from all the stuff making us sick outside our houses, so much so that we end up forgetting about the inside entirely. Do a quick survey of your home to see if it needs some protective measures too. Keeping your house healthy is the only way to building a happy home.

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