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E-stamp paper system to become functional from October 26

Posted by Muhammad Imran on October 25, 2016

E-stamp paper system will be implemented throughout Punjab from October 26, 2016, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Chairman Dr Umer Saif told reporters.

According to Saif, the implementation of e-stamp paper system will allow the government to achieve another milestone in its mission of promoting transparent e-governance. He also told reporters that PITB is currently working in the Sahiwal division and will finish its operations within this week to implement the e-stamp paper system throughout the province.

E-stamp paper system launched in Faisalabad

E-stamp paper system has been launched in Faisalabad for depositing stamp fees in order to end corruption in this respect.
Under a project of the Board of Revenue Punjab and the Punjab Information Technology Board, Divisional Commissioner Momin Agha inaugurated the e-stamping system during a seminar held at TMA Hall Lyallpur Complex for the awareness of the system.
The commissioner, while congratulated the authorities for successfully launching the e-stamp paper system, said that the Punjab govt believed in utmost transparency and public facilitation and this system would yield good impact on public facilitation by reducing the first step of passing of challan 32-A.
He said that government had introduced e-stamping system after Land Record Management & Information System as revolutionary steps for ensuring transparency and elimination of fraud and forgery in the use of stamp paper.
He said that there was no process or system available for the verification of the stamp papers being genuine or fake, consequently the govt was suffering a huge revenue loss in this regard and now genuine stamp papers would be used after paying the relevant fees through this system.
He directed the revenue staff to guide the citizens about the e-stamping system for its success.
DCO Salman Ghani said that e-stamping system would be proved beneficial for eliminating the mafia making fraud by issuing stamp papers and the people would feel easy with regard to depositing the stamp paper fees electronically.
Talking about the salient feature of the e-stamping system, he said that stamp papers seeker would require to access the system online for generating challan 32-A.
He assured that the entire team of Revenue Department would work efficiently to make the system is success.
PITB DG Sajid Latif said that e-stamping system was successfully being run in Gujranwala Division and now it has been started in Faisalabad division in 2nd phase.
He informed that the traditionally stamp papers were issued by the treasury office and this manual processing practice involved intervention of various departments which caused delay in verification of challan forms and issuance of stamp papers besides incidents of fraud and forgery.
He said that now the citizens can generate challan Form 32-A by providing information on the web-based system, after this citizen would go to any branch of Bank of Punjab and the Bank will print the e-stamp paper after payment of stamp duty.
He claimed that the e-stamp paper could be verified either through the web or SMS.
He said that after the utilisation of the stamp papers, the data base would mark a red strike against the people which would restrict reuse of same stamp paper.

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